Animal Services

Covid-19 and Animals FAQ

For any human life-threatening emergencies, please call 9-1-1.


The Animal Services Department assists with animal control and enforces State law and City ordinances regarding animals. Our Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are committed to:
  • Providing sanitary shelter for lost and stray animals
  • Implementing and enforcing the animal licensing program
  • Obtaining veterinary medical care as required
  • Promoting the rabies vaccination program
  • Investigating Animal Complaints / Nuisance Animals
    • Animal nuisance violations, such as animals running at large, excessive prolonged barking, animals which do not have proper shelter, food, and water, or any other violation pertaining to animals
  • Impounding Animals
    • Pick up, transport, and impoundment of stray dogs and cats within our City Limits
  • Investigating Animal Cruelty Reports
    • Investigate reports of animals which are neglected or physically abused and refer cases to the Police Department when necessary
  • Investigating Vicious / Dangerous Animals and Animal Bites
    • ACOs respond immediately to reports of an animal which has bitten a person or is threatening the public
  • Patrolling City Streets
    • Catch and impound stray or loose animals and enforce City licensing and leash laws
  • Issuing Warnings and Citations
    • ACOs will issue either a warning or a citation to pet owners for various violations, including owners without current city licenses, animals running at large, or owners not having pets on a leash
  • Educating the community regarding responsible pet ownership and how to handle certain situations concerning pet ownership
    • We are not in the animal training business, but will always offer advice or refer a citizen to other agencies which can help them


The Animal Shelter can always use donations. If you would like to donate, please make your check payable to Seagoville Animal Shelter and write donation in the memo section of your check or money order.