SEDC Project Application Process

The Seagoville Economic Development Corporation operates on funding provided by a one-half cent sales tax. The amount of assistance is based on the Corporation’s fund availability.

The Seagoville EDC offers assistance to new businesses desiring to locate in Seagoville, to existing businesses that want to relocate here and to local existing businesses who wish to expand their operations.

Businesses that seek to expand, locate or relocate in Seagoville may qualify for a reduced purchase price on their property, or even “free land.” This program is predicated on the amount of capital investment made, the number of employees and how much tax revenue it will generate for our city.

In addition, the City of Seagoville may provide tax abatements on value added to the real property or new business personal property to encourage you to invest in Seagoville.

The Seagoville Economic Development Corporation provides grant incentives to existing business in order to promote new or expanded business development.  The Façade, Architectural, Painting, Signage, Landscaping and Parking Lot Improvement Grant Program is designed to provide grant funding for existing business on a 50% matching fund scale, with a maximum grant fund of $15,000.00. 

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