Criminal Investigation Division


The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Seagoville Police Department consists of three Detectives and one Sergeant. In the Seagoville Police Department, the CID conducts all criminal investigations ranging from Class B Misdemeanors to Capital Felonies. The CID is one of the most critical and crucial sections of the Department.


  • Conducts interviews with both suspects and victims of crimes, and is responsible for investigating crime scenes including identifying, collecting, processing, and documenting of evidence
  • Obtains and executes arrest and search warrants, subpoenas, court orders, and other necessary legal documents
  • Completes thorough prosecution and case reports
  • Files all cases above the grade of a class C misdemeanor with either the Dallas County DA Office or Kaufman County DA Office.
  • Acts as a liaison between other Municipal, County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Conducts narcotics investigations that may include surveillance and the utilization of confidential informants and under cover officers.
  • Routinely works joint operations with the North Texas Auto Theft Task Force